Boiler Servicing and Repairs

Boiler Service

boiler repairWe service and repair natural gas, LPG and oil boilers.

To keep boilers running efficiently and safely, they need regular maintenance. Boiler manufacturers recommend annual servicing. Failing to do this may void their guarantee, and more seriously can put you at risk. For example, carbon monoxide poisoning can and does occur as a result of faulty boilers. Regular maintenance of your boiler can massively reduce this danger.

After servicing your boiler, we will provide you with the all-important safety certificate. This is a legal requirement for landlords, and home-owners will need one if they decide to sell their home.


When boilers break down, it can be hugely disruptive for the whole family. As a local company, we can be with you promptly and can quickly get things back to normal.

You may have heard horror stories about some repair services replacing parts unnecessarily. Sadly, it is true that some companies do use this unethical practice. With our repair service, you can be sure that the only parts that will ever be replaced are those that need to be.

Often, faults in a heating system can be traced to components other than those in the boiler, such as room thermostats, and we always ensure these possibilities are examined.

We can diagnose faults in all types of system, from outdated ones to the most modern. When something goes wrong and you’re stuck with no hot water or heating, We are only a phone call away!

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How safe is your boiler?

According to the Gas Safe register, 1 in 7 homes inspected in the Bath area had unsafe gas appliances! Call me today to make sure your boiler meets the latest safety standards.

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