Water Softeners

showerDue to our chalk and limestone landscape, Wiltshire has some of the hardest water in the country. This is bad news for home-owners as hard water causes all sorts of problems, the least of which is the amount of scum produced by soap and shampoos. Fortunately, water-softening systems can address these problems easily and safely.

Installing a water softener can:

  • Increase the lifespan of washing machines, dishwashers, irons
  • Extend the life of your boiler
  • Make central heating and hot water heaters are more efficient (reducing limescale deposits by just 1.5 millimetres can cut fuel bills by 10 percent).
  • Prevent pipes from becoming blocked
  • Reduce how often you have to clean the shower head and kettle
  • Reduce the amount of detergent, washing-up liquid, shampoo and soap you need
  • Make cleaning easier
  • Make water kinder to your skin and clothes

Water softeners are a cost-effective way of dealing with all of these problems.

We can supply and fit high-quality water softening systems to all sorts of properties, and can advise you on your requirements.

Customers who have had water softeners fitted tell us that they would find it difficult to go back to living with hard water! If you’re interested in how a water softener system might benefit you, call us for a no-obligation chat.

Hard water, washing machines and dishwashers

Scientists at Batelle tested dishwashers and washing machines with softened and unsoftened water. Their report shows that after just 30 days of testing, limescale was starting to build up in both types of appliance.

The machines using softened water had virtually no deposits.

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